The Gate is a Dog Friendly Pub

But there are Rules

Because we are essentially, a country pub, dogs are welcome at The Gate.

...so long as they are well behaved and they are not allowed on the furniture. 

You are welcome to dine in the bar with your dog/s at your feet, but they must remain tethered. You must not allow your dog to wander around or mooch/beg at other customers' tables.  Dogs are strictly limited to the bar area and are not allowed in the restaurant under any circumstances (save guide dogs)

Bear in mind that any visiting dogs are likely to be "checked out" by Hamish & Maggie when they arrive.  This is seldom a hostile welcome and if it looks like it might become so, the home team (Hamish & Maggie) are sent to their dressing room for the duration of your visit.

Please keep your dog under control and quiet