PRESS RELEASE 23rd May 2015

Prosecco Shortage

The Gate in Llanfrechfa can confirm that they have no shortage of Prosecco. Enjoy your Prosecco at The Gate this Bank holiday

PRESS RELEASE 1st May 2015

Election Burgers at The Gate Llanfrechfa

“The Gate in Llanfrechfa – ever the champions of Culinary Ingenuity, have been inviting customers to “Vote” through the medium of specially created Burgers in the weeks leading up to the general election. The Chefs at the Gate have created SIX outstanding Burger meals representing the main political parties. [Note to Ed: Pictures available]

Party faithful have been invited to visit The Gate and select their party’s burger from the specially created Pre-Election menu and thereby cast their vote. Julie Dawson – Landlady at the Gate acts as “Returning Officer” and monitors the voting on a Day-to-Day basis and she reveals that exit polls are showing massive cross-party swings with the Plaid Cymru Burger (Lamb & Dragon!!) proving to be just as attractive at Leanne Wood - the Welsh Nationalist Leader.

Gate Burgers certainly seem to be emulating real life in other ways, with Labour & Tory Burger sales neck and neck in the first week of the campaign. Since then however, the Plaid Cymru burger has been edging ahead of the Labour burger to threaten what should have been a clear Tory majority from the last general election.

As in the National pre-election analysis, the SNP Burger (Full-On Haggis Burger) has been showing its potential - with more votes than should be possible in Wales. The SNP Burger was the brainchild of the Gate’s Scottish Landlord, James Dawson. “There was no chance of us doing this “campaign” without an SNP burger on the menu to represent the massive influence that the SNP are likely to have in British politics after next Thursday”

The Tory Burger has proved particularly attractive in this Monmouthshire village (With Bacon & Blue Cheese). The incumbent Conservative MP for Monmouthshire - David TC Davies - is an occasional visitor to The Gate, but the local MP has yet to return to cast his Burger vote. Ruth Jones (Labour) has also been in touch via Twitter last week to say she hopes to cast her vote before May 7th. The other parties are yet to show their burger preference.

As has been the case in real politics, the chefs have been faced with the challenges associated with a “Hung Burger Election”. There have been requests for “Coalition Burgers” - merging parts of more than one burger. A Tory Blue Cheese Burger with the hot fiery chillies from the Plaid Cymru burger may not be possible at Westminster, but it certainly is possible at The Gate. The “Returning Officer” is still considering how to count these “coalition votes”.

Burger munching Labour supporters have also been asking for the bacon to be omitted from their Labour burgers in support of their leader’s famed inability to negotiate a bacon sandwich. One Labour supporting Burger customer and local resident, Nicky Dominy said: “I just don’t want to risk the bacon, but I am sticking with the Labour Burger. It’s a tough decision to make – probably as difficult as the decision on May 7th “

Recognising our political responsibility, we note that the seven candidates in Monmouthshire are:
• Jonathan Thomas Clark (Plaid Cymru)
• David Thomas Charles Davies (Welsh Conservative Party)
• Gareth Dunn (United Kingdom Independence Party)
• Veronica Kathleen German (Liberal Democrat)
• Ruth Lorraine Jones (Welsh Labour)
• Stephen Morris (English Democrats)
• Chris Were (Green Party)

English Democrat & Green Party burgers are available upon request.

Had there been a Monster Raving Loony Party Candidate in Monmouthshire at this election, their Burger would have consisted of a Kangaroo meat with Ice cream and Pineapple chips.

It’s fun and has been getting wide coverage on Facebook & Twitter. Updates are posted on The Gate’s Facebook page & Tweeted @GateLlanfrechfa

Here’s the Ballot paper….