For Customers with Allergies

Please be aware Nuts are used in the preparation of many foods in our kitchen.  There may therefore be traces of nuts in any of the dishes leaving our kitchen.  

We offer gluten-free (celiac) and dairy-free alternatives where ever possible for diners with these allergies.

We have a separate Guten-Free menu available at lunch and dinner.  Just ask a member of staff

       (Please ask your server to check with the chef if you have a particular dietary intolerance or requirement)

Statement on Food Allergens & Intolerance

As responsible restaurant operators, we do our utmost to ensure that our customers know what is 
in all of our dishes, but we rely on our customers to tell us - when ordering - what their particular food intolerances and allergies are.  If you have a particular allergy, please let us know when you are ordering and ask the server to seek advice from the kitchen on the suitability of the dish for your particular diet.

Recent Legislation (December 2014) demands that all restaurants provide allergen information about the Top 14 allergens across the E.U.  These are listed below. If you believe that you have an allergy to any of these items, please let us know and we will provide a break-down of the ingredients of the dishes you are considering.

Gluten Allergen    Crustaceans Allergen    Eggs Allergen    Celery    Milk Allergen    Fish Allergen    Treenuts Allergen 

    Gluten        Crustaceans          Eggs            Celery                Milk                Fish              Treenuts

Sulphites Allergen    Soya Allergen    Sesame Allergen    Peanuts Allergen   Mustard Allergen     Lupin Allergen     Molluscs Allergen

Sulphites              Soya            Sesame           Peanuts        Mustard               Lupin            Molluscs

Read More about New Food Allergen Laws >>> HERE <<<

Top chefs attack EU rules on allergens in food

Chefs including Albert Roux, Mark Hix and Thomasina Miers, the founder of Wahaca, have written to The Daily Telegraph warning that EU allergen rules are harming restaurants across the UK