What we are.... and what we try to be!

The Gate opened for business on the 19th of October 2012 after a three month renovation project during which the kitchen was completely gutted and re-built to a standard which would allow the preparation of top quality fresh food dishes. 

We describe our business as a Traditional Country Pub with a premium fresh food restaurant attached.  First and foremost, we are a Country Pub and have no ambition to be described as a fine dining destination restaurant.  Our ambiance is best described  "informal" and our food can be described as "Beyond Pub Grub". 

When you come through the entrance, you will be met with a cosy low-light (and low ceiling) traditional wood-panelled bar. If you are lucky enough to be over 6 feet tall, you may have to duck to get into the bar!

In winter months, there will almost certainly be a log fire burning. 

The staff are uniformed and trained to give you a warm welcome. 

If you've come to dine, then the bar staff will make sure that the waiting staff know you have arrived.  If you've come for a drink, they'll serve you with a smile.

You can have drinks (and food) in the bar area - Many of our customers prefer to eat and drink right there beside the fireplace. There's a cosy country pub feel about the bar.

The restaurant is off to the right as you enter the front door and opens up into a wide, well lit dining area. It has a completely different feel to the bar area.  If you choose to dine in the bar, you'll have a place set with place mats and cutlery wrapped in a paper napkin.  If you choose the restaurant, you'll be seated at a table with white table linen and napkins.  There will be paper napkins at lunch time and linen napkins in the evenings. 


The fireplace

Our Aims & Objectives

Our aim is to provide good quality food at reasonable prices in pleasant surroundings, delivered by good-natured & friendly staff.  We are not "Fine Dining" and we don't offer silver service, but we do have linen table clothes and napkins and we do offer a full table service delivered by a team of friendly young waitresses.

We like to describe our food as "Beyond Pub Grub" with all dishes prepared on the premises.  We don't buy-in ready made meals (or desserts) which need only to be defrosted or heated and presented.  Our chefs create the dishes on the premises and all meals are prepared to order. For this reason, it can often take a little longer to deliver a meal to the table than you might find at a large restaurant chain or fast food restaurant. However, the feedback we've received seems to indicate that our food is well worth the wait.

Quality and Service are extremely important to us.

The business is operated by Julie and James Dawson who made a reputation for themselves as purveyors of quality food and ales at the Golden Lion in the village of Magor in Monmouthshire.