Booking a Table at The Gate 

Booking a table at the Gate is NOT always necessary, but advisable at busier times 

(e.g. week-ends) to avoid disappointment or a delay in being seated.

We always welcome "drop in" customers (with no booking) at any time, but please be aware that you may have to wait for a table during busy peak periods. (Friday & Saturday evening and Sunday afternoons).

Our Peak dining times are between 7.30 pm and 8.45 pm on Friday & Saturday evenings and between 12.30 and 2.30pm on Sunday.  It is highly advisable to make a booking well in advance if you require a table at these specific times or if you require a particular table.

Tables can be reserved at The Gate in a variety of ways.

  • Call us on 01633 861822
  • email us (see below)
  • Call in 

Please book early for the week-end or for Special Events
(e.g. Mother's Day & Valentine's Day.  We will typically be bookined up 6-8 weeks before the event.)


Our GATE ROOM private dining facility is available on a "First come first served"  basis.  It will seat 8 diners in absolute comfort - 10 at a push around a large oval table.   If you want to reserve the Gate Room and your party consists of 7 people or less, we will apply a small charge of £12 to your bill.

Our PARTY ROOM is at the rear of the restaurant - separated from the main restaurant area by a wall with large built-in Tropical Aquariums.  This room can seat up to 22 people in a "banquet seating arrangement" and at very busy times it can be configured to seat smaller parties.

This room is also used as a buffet room for large parties and functions.

Larger Parties 

The Gate can accommodate large parties of up to 50 diners, but only on specific days and times.

Large parties (9 people and over) are required to pre-select their menu choices and let us have their selections 48 hours prior to their booking time. 

We can also create be-spoke menus for very large parties and events. (Call us to discuss your requirements)

In order to ensure that we maintain our level of service to all customers, we are unable to accommodate large tables of 13 or more diners in the evenings between Thursday and Saturday.  

Parties up to 12 diners can be accommodated in the evenings, but with bookings times only available between 6 pm and 7 pm and at the later time between 9 pm and 9.30 pm.

Large parties can be accommodated at both lunch times and in the evenings on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday.

If you are looking to book a large party or an event, please call us to discuss your requirements. 

A reservation for a large party outside our Peak times will always be easier to accommodate.

The Gate adds a service charge of 8% to the final bill of all parties consisting of 9 or more diners.


Making a Reservation by Email

(You can book a table by emailing the Gate at this email address....

We need a minimum of 24 Hours notice and you should provide a contact telephone number and/or email.

PLEASE NOTE: Your booking will only be considered "Confirmed" if you receive an email confirmation from us.  If you do not get a confirmation, your booking has NOT been received.