Vegetarian Main Courses

The Gate is not a specialist Vegetarian Restaurant, but we do try to offer a range of tasty dishes to our Vegetarian (& occasional Vegan) customers. 

You will always find at least two vegetarian dishes on the main menu and at least one more on the Daily Specials Board. In addition, the chefs are always happy to put something together for you if you simply don't fancy what's on offer - assuming that they have the raw ingredients in stock.  

So, if there's something you particularly fancy and you can give us a call a few days in advance, we'll do our best to get  what-ever you have identified as your favourite vegetarian ingredient and cook it to your specification.   Alternatively, ask your server when you arrive and they'll relay your request to the chefs.... We'll do what we can with the ingredients available to us on the day.

Similarly, Vegans are catered foron an ad-hoc/on request basis.

Our Current Main Menu Vegetarian Options are...

Whilst you wait...

Bread with oil, balsamic vinegar & butter...   £1.75 p.p.

         (We also have gluten free bread rolls available should you require this for your diet.)

A bowl of mixed olives in olive oil to share...   £2.50

A ramekin of sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil...   £2.50



Soup of the Day with fresh bread...  £4.95

Chilled Cucumber Soup with a feta cheese crumble...   £5.95

Crispy Parsley Gnocci with a tomato ragout and green olive puree... £6.95



Beetroot Flavoured Arancinni with pea and broad bean ragoute... £13.95

Vegetable Curry (served with rice, chips or even “half & half”)... £9.95

Glamorgan Sausage with Mash, peas and vegetarian gravy... £9.95


The Daily Vegetarian Special

In addition to the dishes detailed on the menu, our chefs offer alternative dishes for Vegetarian diners as Vegetarian 
Specials.  If you don't fancy the Menu options, why not ask your server if the chef has anything else available today.

We occasionally offer Vegetarian dishes on our menu that have Parmesan cheese as a garnish. We do recognise that Parmesan cheese is not a vegetarian food item and this additional garnish may offend some strict vegetarians. 

On the other hand, it has also proved a popular addition for some Vegetarians.  

It will always be clearly stated on the menu if a dish contains Parmesan cheese. 

Just let us know and it will be omitted from your dish.