Homemade Desserts  

Pistachio Nut Bread & Butter Pudding (Ask your waitress about this dish before ordering) ... £ 6.95 

Baked Cheesecake of the Day served with cream or ice cream...  £ 6.50 

Chocolate Brownie with chocolate fudge sauce...  £ 6.95 

Lemon Posset with Textures of Raspberries...  £ 6.50 

Vanilla Bruleé & stem ginger short bread...  £ 5.95 

Trio of Deluxe Ice creams and/or sorbets...  £5.95

Pudding & Dessert Extras: (e.g. Jug of Cream or additional Scoop of Ice Cream)... £1.50



Cheese board and biscuits (£8.95)
Presenting a selection of Welsh cheeses


Brownie with Maple & Walnut Ice Cream